The Souris River Route #6 / Wawanesa to Treesbank

Launch : The launch site (1) is on the north side of Highway #2 just east of the bridge. Or you can launch in town(2)  just down from the dam.

Landing : A bridge spans the Souris near Treesbank. Take Highway #2 east from Wawanesa and Road #530 north from the highway.

Distance : About 15 km

Time : 3 - 4 hours

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In mid July the water was still high enough that the many small rapids on this stretch were passable with care. You pass through the town of Wawanesa just under the half way point of the trip. Shortly after you pass the school watch for a dam. You can land on the right to make a short portage. We encountered three barbed wire fences on the stretch from Wawanesa to the Treesbank bridge. Two of them didn't span the entire width of the river. When you notice the buildings of a Hutterite Colony on the left bank you are within a half hour of your destination. We landed on a sandy beach on the left bank after passing under the bridge. Southwest of the bridge is the "Vane" house - built for one of Percy Criddle's "other " sons.


Historical Notes

Wawanesa is the site of a cairn commemorating the work of explorers like David Thompson who explored in the area in 1797-98.

The old bridge that you see as you first approach was built in 1908.

Just past that you see the remains of a railway bridge. This was rebuilt in 1924 after a the original bridge (1890) collapsed as a train was crossing it. Several cars plunged into the river and one man was killed.

Just downstream from the dam you see the remains of the bridge constructed in 1891-92

Video taken between Highway #2 and Wawanesa in June of 2019...

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