The Little Saskatchewan River winds its way southward from Riding Mountain National Park (See Map below) and empties into the Assiniboine about 15 km. west of Brandon near the Grand Valley campsite. It passes through Minnedosa, Rapid City, and Rivers. As it approaches the Assiniboine Valley it begins a rather sharp descent, providing rapids that are quite challenging in the early summer, and virtually impassible as the water levels drop.  

Trip Distance Time Level
1. Kirkham's Bridge to Daly Bridge 40 Km 4 - 6 hrs. Average
2. Rivers to Kirkham's Bridge
15 Km 1 - 2 Hrs Average
3.Rapid City to Rivers
15 km
3-5 hrs.
4. Minnedosa to Rapid City
15 km 4-7 hrs. Easy
5. Highway 10 to Minnedosa
15 km 3-5 hrs. Easy

The Litlte Saskatchewan River Basin