The Assiniboine is a great river for the beginner. It is generally slow moving and safe for even the inexperienced paddler. Though for much of its length (See Map) it flows by well-populated farmland, it is remarkably unaffected by the human habitation. Rivers are one of the few places where one can travel for hours without encountering motor vehicles, dwellings, and other people. The stretch from Brandon to Highway #34 is the Assiniboine at its best. For much of the distance it flows through uncultivated park land. In pioneer times many fur trading posts, ferries, crossings, and landings were located on its banks. A quiet trip downstream offers excellent wildlife viewing. For the camping enthusiast, suitable campsites are easy to find.

Trip Distance Time Level
1. Hwy 250 to Brandon West 40 Km 5 - 8 hrs. Very Easy
2. Brandon West 10 Km 1 - 3 Hrs Easy
3. Brandon Route 10 Km
1 - 3 Hrs Easy
4. Brandon to Treesbank 40 Km 6 - 8 Hrs Easy
5. Treesbank to Stockton 30 Km 5 - 8 Hrs Very Easy
6. Stockton to Spruce Woods 36 Km 5 - 8 Hrs Very Easy

The Assiniboine Basin

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