Little Saskatchewan River Route #3 / Rapid City to Rivers

Launch : Launch downstream from the dam on the west side of Rapid City

Landing : Daly Beach (3) off Highway #25 a few km east of Rivers. or the Provincial Campround (4) on the north side of the lake. For a shorter trip, stop at the bridge (2) just east of the lake on Sunset Rd.

Distance : About 15 km

Time : 3 -5  hours

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Paddling times vary widely depending on river levels and flow.

This is also an easy trip. This is the view from the Rapid City Dam, where one would launch. In low water such as this you will have to walk downstream a bit.

Fast water in the spring will requite caution as obstruction such as drifting trees may appear.

The last stretch takes you along the lake be sure to avoid coming too close to the dam near Rivers.

Historical Notes

The river flows into Lake Wahtopanah

Land to the right or the left.

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