The Souris River Route #7 / Treesbank to Stockton Ferry

Launch : A bridge spans the Souris near Treesbank. Take Highway #2 east from Wawanesa and Road #530 north from the highway.

Landing : Find Stockton, north of Highway #2 between Wawanesa and Glenboro. Follow signs north of town to find the Ferry Site.

Distance : About 40 km

Time : 5 - 7 hours

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The Souris River from the Treesbank Bridge to where it empties into the Assiniboine has several things to offer. It has some fast water and rapids that are relatively free of rocks even later in the year. It has beautiful scenery and runs trough an area rich in history. The one problem is that there are so few points of access. Once you get to the mouth, you have two choices: A short upstream paddle to the Treesbank Ferry site, or a longer (but easier?) four to five hour trip downstream to the Stockton Ferry.

The Souris River part of the trip takes about an hour and a half to two hours. The stretch from the mouth of the Souris to Stockton takes 4 - 5 hours.

Historical Notes

The town of Millford was located where the Oak Creek meets the Souris (SW 3-8-16). in 1879. The site is marked by a cairn inscribed with a tribute by the area's most famous resident, Nellie McClung. The town once contained three hotels, three livery stables, two blacksmith shops, three doctors and a variety of other services. It served as a gateway for early settlers who came down the Assiniboine on paddlewheel steamers and struck out to homesteads to the south and west. Like many Manitoba towns, it's rapid expansion had it's birth in speculation and hopes regarding railway lines. By 1886, when a branch line reached Glenboro, business was diverted from Millford. Within a few years the town was deserted. It is the site of the oldest, and most interesting cemetery in the area.

The rail bridge near Millford was originally built in 1895 and was the longest wooden trestle bridge in the country. It was damaged by floodwaters and rebuilt of iron.

The mouth of the Souris was the site of Two Rivers School and a short lived village called Souris Mouth and/or Two Rivers. (Wawanesa History)

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