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Regular Hours: July and August
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Our beautiful museum is the way it is through the effort of volunteers and the people of Hartney, and surrounding area.
All items in the museum have been either loaned or donated by the generous people amongst us.
If you would like to contribute in any way, stop by or call one of the following:

Pat Phillips: (204) 858-2127
Eleanor Vandusen: (204) 858-2064

The Building

This two-storey brick and stone building in Hartney was erected in 1902 by local mason James McArter for merchant brothers A. E. Hill and W. H. B. Hill. It operated as a general store until 1983. The building sat vacant until 1995 when the McBrien family converted it into a restaurant, bakery and gift shop. It closed in 1999 and a group of local citizens turned the building into a community museum.

A smaller two-storey brick building beside the Hill Building, known as the Lewis Building, was constructed in 1902 as a home for the Hartney Star newspaper. Operated by Walpole Murdoch and F. G. Lewis, the structure later housed a bank, telephone office, post office, and liquor store.

The building - as Currie's General Store, in "The Stone Angel".

It also played the role of the "Noel State Bank" in "The Lookout"

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