Holmfield Heritage Displays

Brothers William Salt Harrison (1856-1926) and George Harrison (1865-1938) arrived in southwestern Manitoba in 1878 and built a flour mill and sawmill at Wakopa. When the settlement was bypassed by the newly arrived railway, in 1885, the Harrisons sold their sawmill and moved it to the western end of the Turtle Mountain, and built a grist mill and elevator at Killarney. They built an elevator at Holmfield in 1892, selling their Killarney holdings in 1897, and consolidated their business activities at Holmfield.

This hall in Holmfield in the Rural Municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain is a municipally-designated heritage building (2011).


Enclosed within Bank of Toronto was a vault made from bricks, with a heavy iron door. The bank closed after three years later and the building was used successively as a post office then a private residence. Demolition of the building in 1981 revealed the vault, which is now a municipally designated historic site (2005). On its door is a plaque commemorating Thomas S. Young, who took up a homestead in the vicinity of Holmfield in April 1882. A bell atop the vault came from Holmfield School No. 699, now demolished.


This former general store at Holmfield was opened in 1886 by businessman Frank J. Messner. When Messner retired in 1919, he sold the store to English immigrant William Collis (1891-1981) who operated it for the next 57 years.