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Heritage Websites

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Brandon Railways

The birth and growth of the Wheat City - it's all about the railways.

Turtle Mountain and the Souris Plains

An Overview of Our History

General Rosser's Legacy

A Manitoba History Article

The Chapman Museum

Dakota Stories

The Souris River

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The Turtle Mountain - Souris Plains Heritage Association

The Historic Resources Branch

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Boundary Trail National Heritage Region

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Manitoba Museum 

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Peel's Prairie Provinces (Includes full searchable copies of the numerous historic prairie works.)

Canada's History Magazine
Heritage Canada
Archives Canada
Historic Places Initiative

Ideas & Editorials

Wildlife Management Areas
A Treasure in Distress

We need to rethink Wildlife Management Areas.  They were designed with hunting in mind, but but with a little "Management" they can continue to serve that purpose as well as serving other valuable functions.

Local History Matters

History without geography can really miss the point. History without accurate local content isn’t likely to connect.

Healthy Communities

A loosely connected series of observations about healthy communities rooted in personal experience and extensive travel in rural Manitoba.

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Canoe Journeys in Western Manitoba

Museums in the SW Corner

Manitoba Local Tourism Yearbooks

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Beginnings in the RM of Argyle


The Argyle Icelandic Settlement


Images of Baldur


Captain Large and the Empress of Ireland


Train Tracks: Stories from a Railway Town


Locally Made - Pioneer Industry

Part1: Boundary Trail East


Part2: Turtle Mountain and the Souris Plains


Killarney Stories


The Chapman Museum


Cherry Point


Sourisford Crossing


A Thousand Words: Pioneer Photography


The Wakopa Story


Turtle Mountain and the Souris Plains

An Overview of Our History