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Numerous excellent sources, many of the hard to find in local libraries, have been digitized and offered online. This list is just a sampling I have found useful in the area of Manitoba History.

Many more publications are available at:

Manitoba Historical Society Book List

Peel's Prairie Provinces

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Begg, Alexander: Ten years in Winnipeg (1879)
Bryce, George: Holiday Rambles Between Winnipeg and Victoria (1888)
Bryce, George: John Black, the Apostle of Red Rivber
Bryce, George: Manitoba: Its infancy, growth, and present condition (1882)
Butler, William Francis: The Great Lone Land
Carle, Frank Austin: The British Northwest (1881)
D'Artigue, Jean: Six Years in the Canadian North-West
Dawson, McDonell:  The North-West Territories and British Columbia (1881)
First Days, Fighting Days : Women in Manitoba History
Girard, Senate Hearings / CPR West Railway Line, 1877
Grant, George M.: Sanford Flemings Expedition Through Canada in 1872 (1877)
Hill, Robert Brown: Manitoba: History of itsEarly Settlement...(1890)
Hind, Henry, Youle: North-West Territory: Reports of Progress (1859)
Kavanaugh, Martin: The Assiniboine Basin
Keating, William Hypolitus : Narrative of an expedition to the source of St. Peter's River, Lake Winnepeek, Lake of the Woods, &c. &c. : Compiled from the notes of Major Long, Messrs. Say, Keating, & Colhoun. Philadelphia: H.C. Carey & I. Lea, 1824.

Macounn, John: Manitoba & the Great Northwest
McClung, Nellie: Clearing In The West
MacDougall, W.B. MacDougall's Illustrated Guide, gazetteer and practical hand-book for Manitoba and the North-West, 1882
McKenzie, Nathaniel : The men of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1670 A.D.-1920 A.D . 1921.
Moore, J.G. : Fifteen Months Round About Manitoba and the North-West (1883)
Ross, Alexander: Letters of a pioneer, Alexander Ross. Winnipeg: Manitoba Free Press Printers, 1903.
Ross, Alexander: The fur hunters in the far West: A narrative of adventures in the Oregon and Rocky Mountains. London: Smith, Elder & Co, 1855.

Simpson, George (Sir): A Narrative of a Journey Around the World
Wyatt, George H.: A Reliable Guide for Settlers...1881