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Source: Legends of Neelin - Facebook

The Greenway - Wakopa CN line.


Grave Sites

Thanks to the work of Ella Cooney and other local historians we have a record of quite a few burial sites that would normally have gone unrecorded.
** From information posted on the Legends of Neelin Facebook Page.

1..  Eustache Gosselin – Smallpox 1898
2. Anthony, baby boy & Peel, baby boy Families occupied the land at 32-3-13 at different times.
3. Chalmers – Three children of Edgar & Mary Chalmers 
4. Butress – Child of Albert Butress, teacher at Huntly School
10 David Maxwell April 26, 1884
5. Free Twin babies in the yard of the Free home in Neelin.
6. Mabon – Andrew ca. 1893 – may be buried on SW 7-4-14.
7. Kelso – Two children 28-3-14. Graves were circled with stones
8. McLaren, Alan, 2 months old – son of Archie and Lavina between 1889 and 1895.
9.  Aboriginal Burial ceremony witnessed on SE 12-4.
10. David Maxwell, husband of Mary Cumming. (Blk )  died Apr. 26, 1884  on their homestead and was buried there. (SE 12-4-15 W) He was born 19 Aug, 1834, in Carluke, Lanarlshire, Scotland.
11. Charlie Cummings and Annie Hawkins – early 1890’s
12. McKay
Elizabeth C. McCaig, May 9,1891. wife of Charles McKay and her children James Buchannan May 30m, 1891, & Mary Maude Louisa July 4, 1890
13. Monatgue. Two daughters – dipheria.   Before he sold to Neelin. 

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