In the early 1880's three different families left their Ontario Homes. They landed in the Strathclair District, thought well of what they saw and decided to take root. The land south of the Little Saskatchewan River had all been taken as homesteads, so they crossed the river and settled. These families were the J.B. Wilsons, who settled on the S.W. I /4 of Section 22-17-21. The Haacke family who located on the N.W. l/4 of section 22-17-21, and James Forsythe with his ten children, and also their eldest daughter and her husband Pat McNulty. James Forsythe, his two sons and his son-in-law each homesteaded a quarter of section 28-17-21. Mr. Forsythe on the S.E., his son Alex on the N.E., Jim on the N.W. and Pat McNulty on the S.V/. The J.B. Wilson family consisted of nine children. Mr. Haacke had brought four of his sons, the younger members of his family. The girls and boys of the four families grew together almost as one family. The only road to the settlement south of the river was through the Wilson Hills, known by that since Mr. Wilson's farm came right to the head of the hills, so they did not travel far afield.

About this time an old country man Mr. McDowell
came into this settlement and took up a homestead on the farm now owned by Vernon Mclntyre. In fun he named the different districts and people. His own place he called Paradise. South of the river was Canaan. The little settlement north of the river he called Egypt. Of course they had to have a king. There was King David of Canaan and Egypt had two kings, King Pharaoh and King Solomon.

See  "Strathclair, Manitoba: Our Story to 1984"