In 1802 Alexander Henry who managed the North West Co. at Pembina had a post named Pinancewaywining built about six kilometres south of Thornhill.

Augustin Cadotte and Antoine Payet, who managed the post could be considered the first permanent white residents of the community.

The Townsite of Alexandria was surveyed in the fall of 1877, Just across the valley south-west of the cairn. The ambitious plan contained 13.5 blocks with 270 lots on approximately 53 acres and  was the second townsite west of the first meridian to be surveyed in Manitoba. Services included a post office, the Manitoba Hotel, and a general store.

Alexandria School District No.73, was formed in  1879 and a school  was of  oak lumber from the Nelson Bros. saw-mill next door at Mountain City.

A monument, erected in July 1988, commemorates the Boundary Commission Trail, the village of Alexandria, Alexandria School No. 73, Elam School No. 684, and Ebenezer Church.

This photo, from June 11, 1873,  shows a supply train of the Boundary Commission making its way past the site of Fort Pinancewaywining and the  future site of Alexandria.

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