Manitoba 2020 - September

Another year of Local Tourism - The COVID19 Year


The COVID-19 thing began in Manitoba about Mid-March and we decided from the start to follow guidelines. Fortunately we can still walk / run / ski & paddle - activities that are much safer than shopping, going to restaurants and bars, Trump rallies ... etc.

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Travelling backwards in time...

Sept. 28: Clear Lake

A nice easy trail starts right by the boat launch area and takes you along the lake with the option of taking the Marsh Trail.

Sept. 25: Polonia & Little Valley

Two old favourites. Have a  good walk along the Polonia Cemetery Road. Nice drive in the region. Big Valley, another favourite,  looks good in the fall.



The road to the Cemetery, just west of the village

Looking south from near the Cemetery

Looking north towards the Cemetery

Big Valley

The creek in Big Valley. These photosd on't begin to capture this impressive steep valley on the SE edge of the Riding Mountains.

Sept. 24: Fort Ellice, Asessippi & Inglis

We managed to visit three historic sites on a beautiful fall day. We'd been to Inglis before - but had to check out the new paint job.

The Fort Ellice site is being developed by the Nature Conservancy. It is now accessible by car and new signs and trails are being planned.

Fort Ellice

Fort Ellice Monument

View of the Assiniboine River, from near the site of the fort.

The fort was just to the left of where this photo was taken.

The road to the fort site.

An overview from along one of the trails.

The site of Asessippi, the  first village in the Russell region. Est. 1882

The remains of the bridge at Asessippi

Original Boarding House

Shell River

Parking area - just above the town site

Sept. 20: The Souris River Valley

We took the back roads east of the Brandon Hills, geaded south,  and ended up on a trail overlooking the Souris River valley, southwest of Wawanesa, just northeast of the Gregory Mill, which we have visited often. This was a view of the valley that was new to us, a very pleasant discovery.

The road allowance  trail to the overviews.

The last section is on private land, owned by great people who only ask that visitors don't hunt and respect the land and their crops.

Sept. 19: Clearwater, Cystal City, Pilot Mound & Glenora

Road trip - Stopped at Treherne for a few supplies, travelled south from there. Tooks a few photos of the Pinkerton School Site, and stopped at the Pinkerton Lakes Wildlife Refuge for lunch. Continued to Pilot Mound where we checked out the town and visited the nearby Old Vault on the original Pilot Mound site. From there it is a short drive to Crystal City where we stopped and had dessert. We were quite impressed with he town an stopped to photograph the old bridge nearby.

The next stop was Clearwater, a charming picturesque village on the edge of a deep valley. It is home to Manitoba's only Railway Water tower on its original location. Other attractions inlcude the 1889 Anglican Church and a definite highlight was the now abandonned railway bridge which has been converted into a walkway they call the Clearwater Skyway. We got an ice cream treat at the General Store. This is a fine example of what a rural village can be.

From there we took the back roads to Glenora, another well-cared for tiny village, and headed home through Pleasant Valley (Pelican Lake

Pinkerton Lakes

Nice picnic spot and trail, directly south of Treherne.

Pilot Mound

Pilot Mound

Vault on the original village site. From the early 1880's

Crystal City

Founded by Thomas Greenway on a site nearby and moved when the railway arrived.

Crystal City

Park, campground, playground and washrooms

Bridge on the edge of town - built in 1920


Clearwater - from the road in.

The well-stocked General Store

The "Clearwater Skyway"

Built in 1903. The only one left on its original location in Manitoba.

Built in1889


The Glenora Mall

St. George's Anglican - Built at Marringhurst in 1889 - moved here in 1916.

The centrepiece of this nice display is the millstone from the grist mill established at the original Glenora site in about 1878.
It was imported from France.

Sept. 18: Souris Bend - Lang's Crossing Trail

Start of the Trail



Chokecherries & more chokecherries...

A favourite shot...

Sept. 15. Spruce Woods

The Spring Ridge Traill. Steel's Ferry Overlook.

We also visited the beach on Aug. 19, and had a family gathering at the campground near the end of June.

Spring Ridge Trail

Steel's Ferry Overlook

Fair Valley School Site

Sept. 13. Toll Bridge Trail

An abandonned road allowance a few km. north of Kirkham's Bridge, takes you down the valley to the Little Saskatchewan River, with some nice overviews along the way. This was the site of a an early bridge.

An item in the “From Generation to Generation” indicates that Ed Chapman Sr., whose farm straddled the river built a bridge to get to his fields and because it was on his land – charged a toll for its use.

Bridge site...

Sept 12. Brandon Hills

The hills are nearby so we visit often. Sept. 9. & May 19 as well. On Sept. 20 we took a few shots from the east, while on the road to the Souris Valley.

Some shots from the east side...

Sept. 11.  Marsh Lake

Hiked - found wild grapes. Swim at Kiche Manitou

Sept 10. William Lake & Turtle's Back  (And on July 24)

 Another spot we visit often. Swim, Hike  & Paddle

Stopped at Riveside on the way home.

From the Turtle's back Trail

The Old Riverside Bridge

View from the Bridge. Close to the Liskum Campbell Park.

Sept. 9  - Beresford, Roseland, Hayfield, Brandon Hills
A drive in the country south of Brandon

Former Beresford Church

South Beresford School Site

A view of the Hayfield site

Oct. 9: Black Creek, Wawanesa & the  Souris River

Black Creek is just north of Wawanesa off of Road 340

The Sipeweski Museum

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