#17: Healthy Communities avoid unnecessay selfish noise.

There was such a good article in the Globe that I have to return to the topic of noise.

Here are some excerpts.

Transport Canada sets maximum noise limits on all new motorcycles sold here. It’s about 86 decibels, Lowes says. That’s roughly as noisy as a lawnmower.

“That’s what you’ll get on any stock motorcycle, even if the exhaust has worn a bit,” Lowes says. “My wife can’t even hear me coming or going.”

The only way to make bikes noisier is to modify the exhaust system, Lowes says. That means switching to louder tailpipes.

“All the noise complaints are for people who replace the stock equipment with aftermarket parts that they say will theoretically make it perform better,” Lowes says. “But the aftermarket systems that actually produce improved engine performance are extremely expensive.”

Instead, owners often put on cheaper pipes that boost noise but not performance. And even the pricier pipes have limits on what they can do.

What is true for motorcylces in also true for the latest in community destrying trend - the status symbol pick-up truck. Except that with a truck there is not even a hint of an justification. It's all about "LOOK AT ME".

“People who want to have obnoxiously loud exhaust systems just want to be loud, says Bryan Lowes, a Vancouver-based motorcycle safety consultant. “They’re not doing it for safety reasons.”

The article goes on to say that there are vehicle noise by-laws in place but that Police put a low priority on enforcement.

It also dedunks the notion that louder motorcylces are safer.

If safety was a concern why do so many dress in black and drive like they are on a race track?

“Drop back so everybody can see you and don’t dress in black,” Lowes says. “That’s going to protect you more than being loud.”

The bottom line here is that we know that the excessive vehicle noise is simply another example of one person's selfish disregard for his or her community. We know that our governments seem to have failed to recognize that. And that's embarrassing.