#16: Healthy Communities drive less

Escaping from the Car Culture Mindset

Ideally, Environmental Action is best undertaken at a National (Even Global) level. But that takes time. What can we do locally that will make a difference?

We know that communities have to move away from the dominance of the automobile.

Here are a series of measures that, with the use of appropriate fees, would be revenue neutral or would generate revenue. 

Crazy Ideas – Leading Locally

Main Idea:  Promote walking, cycling and public transit by rewarding those activities and charging the true costs of automobile use.

Speed limit 30 kph in all residential areas.
Ban all new drive through services – phase out others.
Strict No-Idle rules - everywhere
Make bus service free
Double the metered parking rate.

Eliminate most street parking and use the space for bike path / walkways until proper walkways can be provided. (That could be done as streets need to be repaved etc. Why should I pay because landowners haven’t provided enough parking spaces for everyday use. I live in Condo and pay for my guests parking as well as mine.

Insist that all commercial sites provide regular spaces for cars closest to the store or service, and wider spots for trucks farther back.

Insist that all commercial sites have adequate walkways for pedestrians.

Insist that all commercial sites have adequate speed control.

Designate a few bikes-only routes. Select a few streets and restrict auto traffic to locals only. Make taking the bike to work easier and safer.

Insist that sidewalks be cleared of snow in winter. Property owners should be expected to do their frontage.

These are things that would make our communities healthier.