July 2, 2022:   Beaconsfield

Numerous pre-railroad communities began as a post office. Some, like Beaconsfield would have a few commercial services. E.J. Folkes operated a saw and shingle mill. James Gorrie was the blacksmith. Most of these communities never became villages as we know them, with streets and storefronts. The arrival of a railway line generally created such villages. The origiinal settlements may have diussappeared from the maps, but they retained their identity as communities. 

Today the Church and Cemetery on the corner of Rd 34 N 55W (N49.50203, W98.70472) are well maintained. The post office / village was about a km to the south.

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Beaconsfield United Church (May 2021)  Built in 1903 / 04. In 2022 it is being fully restored.
Source: George Penner