June 4, 2022:   The Nesitobo Coal Mine

In Southwestern Manitoba, the dirty thirties were underway.  Farmers were eager to supplement their income by picking up extra work … and brothers John and Ole Nestibo found such work digging wells. Their work took them to this ravine on the Henderson farm near the village of Goodlands.
As John tells it…

“We were digging a well for water, it was the fall of 1931 and we were already feeling very keenly the impact of the depression. As my brother and I were silently digging we suddenly noticed that large chunks of coal were being brought up by the auger. Immediately we hit upon the idea of developing a small mine ....

So begins the story of Manitoba’s only commercially successful coal mines. For a decade, two mines - both the direct result of the Nesitibo brother’s discovery - provided a boost to depression era farm incomes, and cheaper coal for consumers. 

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