May 21, 2022:   Brandon's The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Spur

Each of these photos was taken just east of Brandon. The one to the left in 1912, the one above, in 2017 .

Together they help tell the story of the abandonned railway lihe that was to connect Brandon to the recently completed Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.

The Grand Trunk Pacific had promised a spur to connect Brandon with its main line that passed about 15 km north of Brandon. Work began in 1911. A rail bed was graded from Harte as far as the Assiniboine River, where a bridge was constructed.

But by that time it was becoming apparent that railway companies had overbuilt, and the resulting financial woes intervened.

The project was terminated in 1913 leaving only an unfinished rail bed that had never seen rails, let alone trains, and a bridge that was never crossed and had to be demolished in 1924 leaving only the massive supports.

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In the photo on the left from 1912, if you look closely you will see what you might recognize as a paddlewheel boat. It is indeed the Assiniboine Queen, delivering supplies for the bridge project. It was originally named "The Empress of Ireland" and was constructed in Coulter. That's another story found here:

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