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The Rinks

The first skating rink in Baldur was built on a site on the south side of the Dominion Elevator, which was purchased from Frank Schultz for $70.00. The building opened to the public on Dec. 8, 1898.  A curling rink was built along the south side of the skating rink in 1899.  In 1914, a building combined contained a two sheet curling rink and a skating arena, with a raised walkway in between, where spectators could watch either side of activity.

The History of Curling in Baldur

Baldur has a long and proud history of involvement in, and excellence at, the sport of curling. The Baldur Curling Club was organized at a meeting held on Nov. 18, 1899, with the following officers elected: President - W. Moscrip; Vice-president – John Harrower, Secretary-Treasurer - C.C. Parker.


The club was first affiliated with the Manitoba Branch of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club of Scotland in 1900. In 1909, Alex Fowler was chosen to represent the club in the team of the Manitoba Curlers who went to Scotland. In 1921, J.A. Johnson also represented the club as a member of the Canadian Curling representatives who visited Scotland.

Adapted from Come into our Heritage, page 174

 Baldur Ladies’ Curling Club

The first bonspiel on record for the ladies was held in 1912. At this time, there were three ladies on a team, with one gent as a skip. The ladies then took part in patriotic bonspiels and charity bonspiels. By 1930, the ladies had an active club and in 1937, they had four regular rinks. By 1939, several reports show ladies' rinks taking part in out-of-town bonspiels.


The first organized Senior Hockey Club of Baldur was formed at a meeting held on Dec. 1, 1898. Members of
the first team were: H. Laidlaw, Conibear, A. Fowler, J. Playfair, A. Duke, J. Johnson, T. Poole and S.R.P.

The team was later named the 'Invincibles', as through the seasons, they were unbeatable.

The following is a quote from the Baldur Gazette of Feb. 27, 1902: "After defeating all local hockey teams within a radius of 40 miles, the 'Invincibles' looked around for other fields to conquer. Away out at the end of the C.N.R. branch, is situated a town which possessed a league team, which has won considerable fame. The Baldur team, undeterred by formidable reports, decided to take the long trip and give a real exhibition of scientific hockey. Consequently, Monday saw our boys leave for Hartney, where after a three hour journey, they arrived shortly after 7 p.m. Eight o'clock saw them lined up and the big crowd of Hartney sports were offering all kinds of money on their team. The game ended, Baldur 6 - Hartney 0. Our boys
were accorded a most hospitable reception and en- tertained to an oyster supper after the match. Team players were: Roy Schultz, George Playfair, Harold Bateman, Murdock Campbell, Clyde Playfair, Frank Goodman and J. Nunn."


The unbeatable hockey team. Back Row: Murdock Campbell, Sam Frederickson. Clyde Playfair,, and Jack Johnson. Front Row: Roy Schultz, Harold Bateman, George Playfair and Frank Goodman.

Adapted from Come into our Heritage, page 174

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