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Tinsmith and Hardware Dealer Thomas E. Poole



Thomas E. Poole moved to Baldur in 1890 and established himself as a hardware dealer and tinsmith. In 1910 he built the brick building that in 2012 houses the Argyle Museum

Thomas was born on Sept. 30, 1859, in Kemptville Ont.. In 1880 he moved to Winnipeg, where he was associated with Ashdown Hardware Co.

In 1885, Thomas married Margaret Gibson of Qu'Appelle, Sask. and in 1889, they came to this district. In 1890, Thomas joined the ranks of pioneer businessmen in Baldur, when he built a store and went into the hardware business.

In 1900, Thomas and his family moved into their newly built house on the corner of Government Road and Carrie Street. It was a solid brick, 12 room, two-and-a-half storey model of beauty.

To quote from a 1900 Baldur Gazette, "This magnificent mansion has all modern improvements, including a bathroom and is heated throughout by a furnace." In 1910, he also had a new brick store built. Thomas participated in the growth and development of the town and was a sports enthusiast, taking part in baseball, hockey and curling. He was a rink director in 1914, and served on the school board. The family were members of the St. Mark's Anglican Church and the children attended Baldur School.

Thomas and Margaret had six children: Ella (Mrs. Cook), Madge (Mrs. McFadden), Clara (Mrs. Scarth), Brian, Alice and Dorothy (Mrs. Annandale).

In 1925, Thomas sold the hardware business in Baldur, and he and Margaret retired to Winnipeg. Margaret died in 1934, and Thomas in 1935.

Adapted from Come into our Heritage, page 606.

Harold Bateman behind the counter, Mr. Poole centre.

As the village of Baldur expanded in the early twentieth century, solid brick commercial establishments replaced many of the wooden buildings on the main street. A typical commercial block of its era, the former Poole Building is distinguished by fine brick details at the roof line. The Thomas Poole Building is now the home of the Argyle Museum. and the building is a designated Municipal Heritage Site.

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