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Banker Frank Schultz



Originally from Ontario, Frank and Margaret Schultz settled at Mapleton on the banks of the Red River north of Winnipeg, where Frank taught school. On leaving there, they moved to the Belmont district where Frank took up a homestead south of the town. Needing money, he undertook to teach at Northfield School near Wawanesa. There Nellie McClung was one of his pupils. She made several references to him in her book "Clearing in the West". Later in thankful remembrance of her early teacher, she sent Margaret a copy of each of her books as they were published.

In 1892 Frank opened a real estate and insurance office and established a little private bank in the new town of Baldur. After a few years the Union Bank decided to open a branch in Baldur. They took over his little branch and he became their manager, a position he held for the rest of his life.

In politics he was a strong liberal and the family were brought up in that political persuasion. A story was told of Sir Clifford Sifton coming out to Baldur to speak at a political rally. All the Schultz family, father, mother and five sons, were there. Stuart, the youngest, and under school age was seated with his friends in the from seats. When Mr. Sifton finished his speech and people began to clap, Stuart excitedly asked his pals, "Is he a liberal? Is he a liberal?" When assured that he was, he too burst into most enthusiastic applause. He was not going to clap for anyone not of his true political faith.

They were a most hospitable family and the boys always felt free to bring their friends home for a meal and social activities.

Adapted from Come into our Heritage, page 624.


Mr. Scultz built the building to house his various enterprises.

Banking in Baldur

The Union Bank opened in 1903. Mr. Schultz was manager of the Bank until 1915. He was succeeded by Mr. J. A. Mitchell as acting manager. In 1916, Mr. E. H. Bally was appointed manager and when the Union Bank was taken over by the Royal Bank in 1925, he continued as manager until 1927. Mr. Bally was replaced by Mr. R. S. Hodge until 1934 when he was retired on pension. Mr. T. W. Cancannon succeeded him until 1936, when he was pensioned. Mr. F. H. Bridge succeeded Mr. Cancannon.


From the 1899 Historical Edition of the Baldur Gazette

Frank Schultz came to Manitoba  in the '80's, taught  school a few years at Mapleton, then  removed to  Belmont, where he was connected with the office of Frank Burnett for about three years. A year or two ago he bought  from the Northern Pacific railway the townsite of Baldur and is  the  veritable Lord of the Manor     He is  P. G. of  Baldur Lodge. No,, 27,1 O.O.F., is an enthusiastic Orangeman and has been an active worker in the order for years.      At the recent session of their grand lodge he was elected to the responsible position of Grand Master. He never rests, is al¬ways on the move, and it is not his fault if Baldur is not one of the most progressive towns in the province.

The first town board was formed on May 6, 1906. A meeting of the ratepayers was called on that date and following were elected: Messrs. Frank Schultz (chairman), G. W. Playfair, and Alex Fowler.                   

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