Resources:  Pioneer Post Offices in the R.M. of Argyle

1. Otenaw: 16-5-13:

The post-office was kept by A. W. Playfair, who drew the mail, with horses from Pilot Mound. It opened in 1880.

2. Bru: NE 16-6-13

Post Office in the home of Jon Olafson. Mr. Olafson walked to Millford to get the mail until the RR came to Cypress River. Mr. Olafson passed away in 1914, and after that Rural Route began.

3. Grund: S 10-6-14

The first Post Office was in the home of Sigurdur Christopherso. Later a small building on the property served the purpose.

4. Moropano:  20-4-14

Alex Kelso had the mail in Moropano, one of the earliest.

5. Roseberry: SW 28-3-14

In 1886 John Neelin had a Grocery Store and part time had the Post Office, the mail being driven from Pilot Mound.  Before the closest mail was Moropano, 5 miles west of Roseberry. H.N. Cooper took over from Mr. Neelin.

6. Neelin

In 1905 the Post Office was moved from Moropano to the Village of Neelin. James Graham was the first Postmaster.

7. Glenora: 28-3-13

The first Post Office at Glenora was opened by Thos. Feeley in 1881 on the South half of 28-3-13

8. Marringhurst: NE 19-3-12

Mr. McQuarrie's home became the social centre for the district. Here a post office was opened, the mail beŽing carried from the Mound on an ox cart  by Thos. Freeley, who opened the post-office at Glenora. Here, too, Mr. McQuarrie  started  a  blacksmith shop and in the log house still standŽing and used as a granary by Mr. McWilliams, church services were held.

9. Dry River : NW 20-4-12

Established in 1884 Home of George Stewart; taken over by A. Eason, then W. Craik in 1904, and S. Robinson until 1948.

10. Pasadena 20-4-13:

11. Greenway

The first Post Office was a log house situated west of the Fair Ground, operated by George Mills Johnson. W.B. Cornock bought our Mr. Johnson in 1895 and took over. In 1903
the Post Office was moved into the village, first under Peter McBean then Alex Craik in the Greenway Store.

12. Baldur

The first Post Office in the new town of Baldur was at Jesse Chester’s house. W.O. Fowler took over in 1887, followed by Alex Fowler from 1904 to  1947.

This early map shows the communities that existed prior to the arrival of the Railway. Of the four villages created by new rail lines, only Glenora had a prior  existence.