Rosehill School

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Rosehill School / Photos

Back row: Shirley Hutlet, Florence Ward, Joy Tosh, Myrna Tosh, Sharon Clark, Herby Hutlet, Garry Clark
Front row: Bruce Ward, Cheryl Young, Patsy Boulet, Annette Fifi, Beverley Tosh, Gail Ward, Marlene, Hutlet, Gary Ward

Thanks to Joy (Tosh) Johnson for this photo and info.

Back row: Allan Tosh, Jackie Andries
2nd row: Joy Tosh, Nettie Campbell, Sharon Clark, Dorothy Embury, Florence Ward, Shirley Hutlet. Herbie Hutlet
Front: Myrna Tosh, Mary Andries, Eleanor Embury, Ross Embury, Wilma Embury, ?? Lois Embury, Patsy Boulet

Thanks to Joy (Tosh) Johnson for this photo and info.

The Class in 1957

Bruce Ward, ??,  Herby Hutlet, Florence Ward, Shirley,  Myrna Tosh, Mrs. Helen Smith
Gary Ward, Gail Ward, Beverley Tosh(?) , Patsy Boulet, Sharon Smith, ?
Annette Fifi, Marlene Hutlet, Diane Smith
Jerry Storie, Ken Storie, Roger Boulet, Maureen Boulet, Joyce Hutlet, Ann Smith

Christmas Concerts

Del Smith, Elaine Boulet, Don Smith, Donna Storie

Jerry Storie

Jerry Storie, ?? Roger Boulet, ??
Donna and Grant Storie up front.

Rosehill School /  The Dedication of the Cairn

Rosehill School  /  The Site Today

The Toboggan Hill

The road north.

Approach from the north.