The Argyle Photo Archive

Photo Collection  from The Diary of Arni Sveinsson 1851 9128, Pioneer of Argyle Municipality, Manitoba

Translation and Commentary by Arni Sveinsson
Edited by Laara Lindo

Arni Sveinsson


Gudrun Sveinsson


Arni Sveinsson


Gudrun Helga Sveinsson


Pioneer Days


The home of Arni Sveinsson built on 23-6-14 in 1892.

The barn Arni Sveinsson built on 23-6-14 in 1902


Arni and Gudrun Sveinsson & family about 1891. Left to right: Sveinn, Gudrun, holding Kris; Jon; Ingiborg’ Arni.;holding Jana; GUdny.

Arni & Gudrun Sveinsson & family, top left to right: Anna, Sirun, Valdimar, Albert, Kristjan, Sveinn, Jon, Gudny, Ingiborg, Kristjana


Sveinsson home



Implement shed


Sawing wood on the Sveinsson farm

Hauling grain.


Maria Johannsson with her daughters, Sigurveig (left) and Jakobina (tight) and her son, Egill.
Sigurveig (Veiga) married Jon Sveinsson. Jakobina married Isak Johnson.


Jon Sveinsson

Steam tractor.


Injiborg and Jana


Gudney, Injiborg and Jana


Sigrun and Anna




Rev. Fridrik and Bertina Hallgrimson


Jakobina Johannsson Johnson


Gudny Sveinsson and Gunnar Matthiasson, married October 24, 1905.


Gudny and Gunnar’s 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1955.

Grund Frelsis (Liberty) Church is the oldest Icelandic Lutheran Church standing in Canada. Arni Sveinassaon and Brying Hallgrimson were head carpenters when the church was built in 1889. When restoration took place one hundred years later, the building wasa found to be not so much as  an inch out of “true”. IN 1975, Arni Sveinsson Jr. played the original 1911 Doherty organ at the dedication of the church as a National Historic Site.


The Sveinsson sisters
Left to Right: Sigrun, Gudny, Jana, Ingibjorg, Anna.


Viega and Jon Sveinsson at about the time they were married, June 1,1909.


Halldor and Ingibjorg Eggertson at the time they were married.


Jon & Veiga Sveinsson, with Arni, on the porch of the new home they built in 1909 on the Jon Jonsson homestead, NE 6-6-14. refrred to in the diary as "vestur i 6". Jon farmed here from 1909 until 1933.

Gudny Matthiasson with her daughter Elin.


Thorstina Jackson


Ingibjorg and Halldor Eggertson with Arni and Gudrun (Diddy).


Veiga Sveinsson with her son Arni.


Sigrun and Anna Sveinsson


Egill Johannsson


Sigurbjorn Jonannsson, father of Jakobina, Sigurveig and Egill.  Sigurbjorn was a poet of some note both in Iceland and in Canada. He was Community Skaid (“poet laureate”) in the Icelandic Community in the District of Argyle, where he wrote poems for various special occasions. A book of his poetry was published by his friends in 1902. He died in 1903.


The diary entry from April 1913 indicates that Arni ordered a Ford from Snaebjorn Anderson.

Sigrun, daughter of Jon & Veiga Sveinsson.

Gudny Matthiasson with her two older daughters, Elin and Helen (Unnur).


Sveinn Arnason Sveinsson


Matthias Jochumsson.


Jon Sveinnson farm 

Maria Johannsson


Kristjan and Olina Sveinsson

Svein, Sigrun and Arni Sveinsson

Diddy, Edwina, Margaret and Arni Eggertson

Jon Jonsson


Halldor Eggertson

The children of Gudny & Gunnar Matthiasson: Thora, Arni, Elin and Helen.

Albert and Anna Sveinsson

Albert & Anna Sveinsson’s 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1970


Anna and Jack Lowe


Phyliss and Florence Sveinsson


Anna Sveinsson Lowe


Margaret Anna Sveinsson, born Aug. 19, 1924.  (Daughter of Jon & Veiga)


Unnur Sveinsson, born March 9, 1919. (Son of Jon & Veiga)

Sveinn, Marie, Arni, Sigrun an Unnur Sveinsson.


Helene and Albert Hallgrimson


Donald Sveinsson, Kristjan and Olina’s son, born February 21, 1925, in Seattle, Washington.


Valdimar Sveinsson


Sigrun and Tom Findlay


Anna Sveinsson


Joyce Findlay, Sigrun and Tom’s daughter, at 8 months of age.


Gudrun and Arni with their daughter, Anna Lowe.


Injibjorg (Bjornson Sveinsson 1891 – 1985

Imba taught for many years in schools in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. From 1937 until she retired in 1967, she worked at Betel Home in Gimli, first as a Night Nurse and then as Assistant Matron. Her son, Lawrence, was postmaster in Gimli for many years.

Gudrun Sveinsson with her granddaughter, Anna.


Svein Arnasson, Arni’s dad, and his mom, Ingibjorg Bjornsdottir, immigrated to North Dakota.

Gudfinna Johnson, Arni’s sister. Lived in Red Deer, Alberta,


Anna Myrdal, Arni’s sister, lived in North Dakota.


Kjartan Sveinsson, Arni’s brother, lived in North Dakota.

Gudrun Helga’s father, Jon Jonsson and his wife Arnfridur