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Andrew Young (*By May Graham)

In 1904 Andrew Young of Cypress River bought section 17-4-12.

In 1905 he built a shanty on this farm in which they lived while they broke several acres of land. In 1906 they again broke up an additional number of acres. In1907 McQuarries rented the acreage that was broken. Duncan and Dan farmed it for the next three years. In 1911 the Youngs came back and farmed it themselves. In the fall of 1912. they rented the Lou Freedy farm and remained there until the spring of 1916

In 1916 they built a house and a barn on section 17. The carpenters by the names of Wally Bond and Frank Yeo built the barn. In the
autumn of that year they bought a building from Angus McQuarrie and added it to the house.

Mr. and Mrs. Young had three boys and two girls namely Elbert. Will J. Cordelia, Elva and Mervin. Some of the members of this
family went to the Dry River School for a short time. Merv went to Zephyr as it was opened in 1907.

The family did not live on the farm all the time as Mr. and Mrs. Younghad a home in Cypress River for the greater part of the

Elbert, the eldest of the family, lived at home practically all his life. He never married. For the past several years he has lived in
Sunset Lodge in Brandon. Will J. married Edna Johnson in 1916. They have three girls and two boys. Will and Edna farmed for many years. They also had a store. Will worked as a butcher for several years. They are presently retired and live in Baldur.

Cordelia married Ira Craik. They too spent part of their lives on the farm but in 1925 they moved into Greenway to run the store previously owned by Ira's father and mother. They have two boys and one girl. They still live in Greenway and still have the store. Elva married Ralph Mckay, They had three boys and two girls. They lived for a time on a farm at Rosebank, but Ralph became ill
so  they left the farm and moved to Cypress River. Later they moved Chatham, Ontario. Elva is now a widow and lives in a nursing home in Chatham.

Mervin married Elda Burr, who was a school teacher. They have  one girl. They have farmed all their lives on a farm adjacent to the town ofGreenway. They are now retired but still live on the farm.

Andrew Young was a councillor for Ward 1 from 1918 to 1920.

The Youngs continued working section 17 until 1920. While the Youngs were still farming here, this little incident occured. Will J.
as seeding oats on the north-east quarter on the field not far from Graham's house. Albert was also harrowing in the same fjeld. Alex Graham went over to have a chat with the boys when they came to the north end of the field. After they had visited awhile. Will
looked into his seed box and he said. "I don't know if I have enough seed to get me to the other end of--the field or not?" Elibert
quickly replied, "Oh, I think you'll be alright if you just put the horses on the trot!"

The Youngs rented the farm except for 80 acres on the NW quarters to Albert Lebeau in 1920. The Lebeaus lived there for eight years but of course this land had been transferred into the Zephyr district.

They had one child Bertrand, when they came to this farm. They remained here until 1929 when the farm was sold to Wilfred
Choquetle. Then they moved to another farm in the Zephyr district. They had in all eight children, namely, Bertrand who is married and lives on a farm at Glenora. Grace, who is Mrs Art Catteeuw of Baldur, Albin who is married and farms near Glenora, Lawrence who is Mrs Marcq of St Pierre, Jilbert who is Mrs Combs and lives at Gibson, B.C. Next is Roger who is marrried and also farms near Glenora. Reynold is married and lives at Brandon. Armand, the youngest, lives at home. This family did not attend Dry River school but went to Zephyr. Mr and Mrs Trebeau arc still in very good health. She is 83 and Albert is 82.
Wilfred Choquette bought this section 17 in 1928 and remained there until 1930 when Chris Larscn and his brother live on it.

Mr and Mrs Wilfred Choquette had in all ten children. They were Beatrice who is now Mrs H. Lepine and lives in Hamitlton,
Ont. Adrien, not married and living in Nipagon, Ont. Adrienne was next. She married Jim Porter of Glenora, She is deceased.
Gerrard is married and lives in St James. Thaddie and Edmund were next in the family. They went overseas in World War II and
were both killed in action. Jean is Mrs Leslie Harfu and lives at Nipagon, Ont. Reta married Vie Rowley of Glenora and they now
live at Pilot Mound. Marie married Doug Rowley and they live in Nipagon, Ont. Romeo is married and lives in St Boniface.
Several members of this family attended Dry River school. After leaving Dry River the family moved to Miami for a year, then to
St. Charles and then to Glenora. Mrs Choquette passed away in 1933 and Wilfred in 1946.

Chris married Veronica Collins, daughter of the J. Collins then living in Dry River. Chris and Ronnie left about 1939 and went to
Vancouver. They have two sons and one daughter.

Referring to going to school. I would like to add this story. Zephr was not organized until 1907. so Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Young's
family had to go to Dry River School. During the summer months of 1905 and 1906, Will J., Elbert, Cordelia, and Elva went to Dry
River School. They had quite a set up. Joe Freedy's who lived on the south-east quarter of section 8. supplied the democrat. Andy Young
supplied the team of horses (Prince and Lucy) and Mr. Graham supplied the oats. The children from these three families went in
that democrat. I don't know who would be the boss, but I'm sure that each rider would be an exciting one.

Alex Graham rented section 17 after Chris Larsen left. Ewen Clrke lived in the buildings for two winters and looked after the
cattle for Alex Graham. He also had his own stallion there. After that Marcel Nick was there one winter and worked tor Alex. Mr.
Young passed away in 1937 and Mrs. Young in 1947.

In 1944, Mr. Emi'le DeRuyck of Swan Lake bought Section 17 from the Andrew Young estate. His son Andrew came to live there. He
was married to Clara Verstraete in 1943 while at Cypress River. They have five children. Lorraine who was born in 1945. Maurice
was born in 1948, Dariene born in 1951. Dorcen was born in 1952,


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