The Argyle Document Archive

The Baldur Gazette : 1898 Historical Edition

The Baldur Gazette : 1940 Historical Edition

Argyle Stories

In addition to "Come Into Our Heritage",  Argyle has several excellent memoirs and short histories. 

We have collected some highlights to present here:

The Story of John Cumming (From Lights Along the Valley" by Caroline Cumming

Dry River (From Memories of Dry River by May Graham)

William Craik (From Memories of Dry River by May Graham)

Andrew Young (From Memories of Dry River by May Graham)

Asmunder Asundson - Man With No Feet - By Jonas Porbergson

Research Excerpts

Peel's Prairie Provinces  is an excellent online source of searchable publications relating to the history of Western Canada.

Some selected articles with reference to Argyle (by topic)

1. Early Commercial Activity

2. Pioneers Reminiscence

3. Sam King

4. George Lawrence

5. Baldur School (1905)

6. Glasgow Townsite & Farms For Sale

7. Ads from the Baldur School Booklet