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Gudrun & Arni Sveinsson


Born Iceland 1851: Died 1928
In 1880 Mr. Sveinsson from the “New Iceland” colony at Gimli, visited the district south of Glenboro.  He was impressed with the agricultural potential of the region and influenced several others from New Iceland to come south. He homesteaded N23-6-14. Built Grund Church with Byring Hallgrimsson. Head Carpenter - St. Immanuel Lutheran Church
Went to Iceland in 1919 as a delegate to the annual shareholders convention of “Einiing”, “Icelandic Steamship Co.”. Municipal Councillor


Arni Sveinsson


Gudrun Sveinsson


Gudney, Injiborg and Jana Sveinsson


Injibjorg (Bjornson) Sveinsson

  1891 – 1985

Imba taught for many years in schools in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. From 1937 until she retired in 1967, she worked at Betel Home in Gimli, first as a Night Nurse and then as Assistant Matron. Her son, Lawrence, was postmaster in Gimli for many years.


The Sveinsson Sisters


Left to Right: Sigrun, Gudny, Jana, Ingibjorg, Anna.


Phyliss and Florence Sveinsson


Sigrun and Anna Sveinsson

Injiborg and Jana Sveinsson



Jon Sveinsson


Viega and Jon Sveinsson


At about the time they were married, June 1,1909.

Kristjan Sveinsson



Kristjan and Olina Sveinsson


Donald Sveinsson


Kristjan and Olina’s son, born February 21, 1925, in Seattle, Washington.


Sigrun and Anna Sveinsson


Sveinn Arnason Sveinsson



Margaret Anna Sveinsson


Born Aug. 19, 1924.  (Daughter of Jon & Veiga)

Unnur Sveinsson


Born March 9, 1919. (Son of Jon & Veiga)


Sveinn, Marie, Arni, Sigrun an Unnur Sveinsson.


Veiga Sveinsson with her son Arni.



Valdimar Sveinsson