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Jon Olafson Family


Born 1829 Iceland; Died 1914
Settled in Sandy Bar (Riverton) in 1879. In 1882 claimed land at Bru. He was Postmaster until 1894.  Donated Land For Bru Cemetery. Built Hola School.

Henry Parsonage

Halldora Sigvaldadottir


Halldora Sigvaldadottir (Valgerdur Bjornsdottir’s daughter by her first husband) came to the Argyle district in 1883 to SE 28 6-13. Soon After the birth of her last childbirth, Halldora began helping people who were ill; or tending as a midwife; and went out day or night.


Sigvaldason, John


Born 1904, Baldur
In 1942, Mr. Sigvaldason joined the R.C.A.F.
In 1946 -  Department of External Affairs as an assistant secretary in the office of the High Commissioner in London, England.
1960 he was appointed Ambassador to Indonesia Ambassador to Norway in 1964.
Mr. Sigvaldason retired from the diplomatic services in 1969 and taught Political Science for two years at the Brandon University following his retirement.


Snydal Sisters


Ella, Lilja, Ella


Karolina Snydal


Born Iceland
New Iceland (Gimli) 1876. Homesteaded 1882. When husband Eyolfur passed away in 1898 Karolina became a midwife and practiced for over 50 years.
She moved from the farm to Baldur in 1899 . Delivered her last baby at the age of 75.

Karolina Soffia Snydal and her husband Eyolfur first emigrated to Canada from Jukuidal in Iceland in 1876