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Thorstina Jackson


Matthias Jochumsson.


Maria Johannsson with her daughters,


Sigurveig (left) and Jakobina (tight) and her son, Egill.
Sigurveig (Veiga) married Jon Sveinsson. Jakobina married Isak Johnson.


Maria Johannsson


Egill Johannsson


Johannesson, Valgerdur


Born 1834 Iceland; Died 1910
Midwife in Bru District; Early settlers.


Christian & Arnbjorg Johnson


Teacher. Implement dealer est 1893 in Baldur. (C. Johnson & Sons) Reeve of Argyle 1896.
Part of the expedition that settled upon the location of the New Iceland colony at present day Gimli. He later accompanied the first group of Icelanders to visit (1880) and file for homesteads in Argyle.

Tom Johnson

Born 1928, Baldur
Manitoba High School Curling Champion
Montreal Canadians 1950
Norris Trophy 1959
Boston Bruins 1963
Hall of Fame 1970


Sigurbjorn Jonannsson


Sigurbjorn Jonannsson, father of Jakobina, Sigurveig and Egill.  Sigurbjorn was a poet of some note both in Iceland and in Canada. He was Community Skaid (“poet laureate”) in the Icelandic Community in the District of Argyle, where he wrote poems for various special occasions. A book of his poetry was published by his friends in 1902. He died in 1903.


Jon Jonsson



Jakobina Johannsson Johnson


Gudfinna Johnson