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Benedict Anderson

Built several buildings in the Bru district. House on 14-6-13 – occupied by Andersons until ca. 2006


Sesselia Anderson


Emigrated from Iceland in 1887 with Husband Andres

  Svein Arnasson, Arni Sveinsson’s dad.


Asmunder Asmundson


Born Iceland 1845: Died 1924

Asmunder lost both feet and a hand to frostbite after barely surviving a winter journey in his native Iceland in the early 1870’s. In the summer of 1883, he moved with his wife to Canada and settled in the Baldur district in Manitoba.
His courage and toughness were an example to his neighbours.

Valgerdur Bjornsdottir


Valgerdur Bjornsdottir was born in Iceland and trained midwife ... a much respected profession in Iceland at that time; when it was not advocated that girls need be educated. She delivered numerous babies and to cared for mothers and their newborns in the Bru district . It had been related that she took her daughter, Halldora, to assist at the delivery, when Halldora was only fourteen years of age. And thus Halldora learned the profession and carried on to serve her community likewise.

Sigurder & Susan Briest