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Local Histories

Come into our Heritage - R.M. of Argyle 1882 - 1982, Argyle Centennial History Book Committee

Historical Sketches of Argyle Municipality, The Baldur High School Centennial Committee

Print Resources

The Diary of Arni Sveinsson

1851-1928, Pioneer of Argyle, Manitoba

Translation and Commentary by Arni Sveinsson
Edited by Laara Lindo

Available as a PDF file at:

Online Resources

The Early Icelandic Settlements in Canada
by Sigtryggur Jónasson
MHS Transactions, Series 1, No. 59
Read 22 March 1901

Icelandic People in Manitoba
by W. Kristjanson
Manitoba Pageant, January 1957

Early Icelandic Settlement in Canada
by Steinunn J. Sommerville
MHS Transactions, Series 3, 1944-45 season

Manitoba History: Nya Island I Kanada: The Icelandic Settlement of the Interlake Area of Manitoba
by Brock Arnason
St. John’s-Ravenscourt School
Number 27, Spring 1994

History Resources