REEVE - Chas. Brown, Hilton P. O., Man.

Ward 1—R. M. Wilson, Marringhurst P.O., Man.
Ward 2—John Clark, Baldur P.O., Man.
Ward 3—S. Fargey, Belmont P.O., Man.
Ward 4—A. W. Playfair, Baldur P.O., Man.
Ward 5—Skafti Arason, Glenboro P.O., Man.
Ward 6—J. Scott, Jr., Hilton P.O., Man.
SECRETARY—TREASURER. John Harrower, Baldur, Man.


Elevators and Station – Photo by F. Stevens

In the Municipality of Argyle.

The following lands are nearly all in the municipality of Argyle and are even better than can be had almost anywhere else in Manitoba for the follow¬ing reason- : (a) Taxes are lower than almost any other municipality, being on an average of $9.00 per annum on a quarter section, (b) They’re all within easy reach of markets, churches, schools, and many other accommodations.
The list comprises land fitted for grain farms, cattle raising or farms, so that all can be suited.

The prices for all the land contained in the list here given range from $3.00 per acre up to $8.00  per   acre  for prairie land, and are lower than can be purchased  elsewhere for the  same money—taking into  consideration  the quality of the land aud   location  as to railway facilities, some of them   being not more than 3 or 4   miles   from   the railroad.

The reason that so much good land I can still be bought so reasonably, is owing to the greater part of the immi¬gration to  this country having been by way of the Canadian Pacific Railway or its branches, and the people having tickets to some point on that line or its branches. The land along the C. P. has been taken up and raised the prices, while the lands on the Northern Pacific have been overlooked and can be purchased for less than half of what the same quality of land is selling for within ten miles north or south of the O.P.R

All of these lands can be purchased on very easy terms of payment.

List of Lands

Sec. 640 acres.
S ˝ - South half of section, 320 acres
N.E. - North east quarter, 160 acres.

      Sec.    Tp.     Rge
S ˝                            30      3          12
E ˝                             33      3          12
E ˝                             1        3          13
Sec.                            8         3        13
E ˝                            25       3        13

The above list  (reprinted in part here) was compiled by Messrs. Harrower and Price, and S. Christopherson, from whom all information regarding purchase can be obtained. from Frank Schultz of whom a sketch is given is also a land agent.

From " Climates of Canada”

"The bright clear cold of the ordinary winter day in Manitoba is most enjoyable. With little or no thawing, and no sea of uncongealed great freshwater lakes to supply damness the air is crisp and dry and where in England, or on the seacoast, with a few degrees of frost, the air is chill and raw, many more degrees of cold in the Canadian Northwest is only enjoyable and stimulating." The winter goes as it comes, almost in a day the crescent sun pours his powerful rains through the transparent


General Store, J.H. Standing & Co., Belmont – Photo by F. Stevens

atmosphere, and, when the thaw has begun, the great atmospheric disturbances, caused by the heated centres, cause the northwest wind to blow and lick up the water

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