Souris River - Flood Effects - 2011 / 2012

The effects of the flood of 2011 & 2012 can be seen along the river banks of Westman where the action of the high water accelerated the ongoing
slumping and erosion that is constantly altering the landscape. Presented here are photos from three locations along the Souris River
where especially notable changes have occurred.

The first location is just west of Bunclody where slumping significantlty changed a stretch of the valley wall.

After the flooding in 2011 this large section of cliff top is beginning its slide to the valley floor. The process is inevitable, but the flooding has triggered some dramatic changes along all rivers.

A photo from a previous year.

Compare with this view from several years ago... noting that the angle is not the same - some of the steep cliff may
still remain - but one can't (safely!) get to the spot where the earlier photo was taken.

A photo from a previous year.

From the Bunclody Bridge - The flood waters unearthed foundations for the previous bridge.

Another view from the Bunclody Bridge - showing the foundation for the earlier structure.

View east from the Bunclody Bridge .. compare with the photo below

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