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The Remains of the S.S. Alpha

See the Alpha news clips ....1873 - 1885
The Alpha Story

Update 2021: New photos.

The Alpha ran aground north of Cypress River in April of 1885. (PAM)

THis photo was taken by Chirs Vickers in 1958 (PAM)

The colour photos were taken on two visits in 2003 by Ken Storie

From the west. The hull is near the south bank.

From the east.

The rudder - formerly at a roadside park at Glenboro - now at the Marine Museum in Selkirk

Photos by Roy Brown - ca. 1970 (Daly House Museum)

The boat was embedded in the riverbank in 1970.

In 2021, with a very dry spring we tried to find the remains of the Alpha, without any luck on our first try.
There have been two serious floods, one a "flood of the century" and we didn't have GPS when I made the first visit.

The trails and field in the area have changed, as have the river channels.

This is all we found....

Alpha Site Upstate 2021

In mid august of 2021 Greg Mayberry visited the site and took these photos. The floods of 2011 and 2012 have changed the riverbank and the remains are in mid stream.  Considering the years of high water and changes it is amazing that anything is left.

See the Alpha news clips ....1873 - 1885

The Alpha Story