River Flight - Little Saskatchewan

Aerial photos taken around 2001.

We flew north from Brandon, along the Little Saskatchewan River, past the former Genorky Ski Hill, the  site of the Ten Mile Dam and  Kirkham's Bridge (1) ,  Cossar Crossing 2) , and the  old Grand Trunk Pacific Dam (3) south of Rivers Also at Rivers we saw the Dam & Spillway (4) , and then the spot where the Little Saskatchewan River empties into  Lake Wahtopana (5) . The next stop was Rapid City (6) and the nearby site of the old railway bridges.(7)  We were then approaching Riverdale (8) and soon in sight of Minnedosa (9) and Ski Valley (10) . We passed over an old chruch (11)  that used to be a landmark in the valley north of Minnedosa,  From there  passed over the many twists, turns and potholes (12)  before reaching the wild country of Riding Mountain National Park (13) and heading back south to Erickson (14) and home.

**For more photos & info about most of these places visit: "Past & Present"  and/or "The Manitoba Gallery"


A few kilometres north of the where the Little Saskatchewan empties into the Assiniboine we passed the former Glenorky Ski Area (top - right)  and the remains of the Ten Mile Dam (centre).

Kirkham's Bridge and area.

Cossar Crossing - Former RR line - south of Rivers

Site of GTP Railway Dam and Pumphouse - just south of Rivers

Dam & Spillway at Rivers

The Little Sasktachewan entering Lake Wahtopana

Rapid City

Two rail lines crossed here, just east of Rapid City.

The Riverdale Road

Riverdale - Site of a station and tiny village.


Classic Rock Festival Site

Ski Valley

Former landmark - now gone.

Approaching Riding Mountain National Park