Fort Desjarlais Site

A vist to the site of Fort Desjarlais an Independent fur trade post that operated from about 1836 - 1858 on the
Souris River between Hartney and Lauder.


Sandhills Trail

Sandhills Trail

The Fort was on this riverbank - much of the site has eroded.

View upriver.

Wider view - there is evidence of grave sites in the bush at the centre of this shot.

The fort was along the Yellowquill Trail which connected with Portage and Winnipeg to the east and proceeded
southwest along the north bank of the Souris.

A short walk downstream takes us to another fur trade era site.

This buffalo vertebrae is a sample of the remains that are still readily found at the site..

A smaller post, known only as "The American Fort" (ca. 1810- 1820) was located about
a kilometre, downriver, about the centre of this photo.

The site of the "American Fort".

The dark spots in the river are schools of small catfish.


This small patch of sunken ground likely indicates a grave. We know many burials took
place here over the 20 year history of the site.