Spring 2021 : Bulletin

The start of the Brandon Rapids - May 12, 2021. The rivers are all very low this spring.

Spring 2019 : Bulletin

The trip from Highway #2 in to Wawanesa is short and scenic...



Spring 2018 : Bulletin

Spring 2017 : Bulletin

Kirkham's Bridge, April 2

The Brandon Rapids - Video

Fall 2016 : Bulletin

My friends Wayne & Brent did the Little Saskatchewan from Kirkham's Bridge on Nov. 5!

See the Video..

Did the Little Saskatchewan from Kirkam's Bridge on April 19.  Great conditions after a  good rainfall. Went again in late May with lower water, more rocks and lots of fun.

April 19, 2016 - taken from the old Hydro Dam site.

Summer 2015 : Bulletin

We've had several years of relatively high water. The Souris stayed high until July. The Assiniboine has good flow. The Little Saskatchewan varied with the railfall. We did a run from Kirkham's Bridge on Aug. 2, and found the conditions ideal.

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