The Assiniboine River Route #2 / Brandon West

Launch : The southwest side of the bridge over #1 Highway
near Grand Valley Campground about 10 km west of Brandon.

Landing : Dinsdale Park, west off of 1st St. just north of the bridge.

Distance : About 15 km

Time :

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This is a slow stretch of river - easy canoeing. After about 2 hours you see Curran Park Campground, there is easy access and it could be the start or finish of a shorter trip. After passing the golf course, keep right to pass an obstruction at the Water Treatment Plant, on 26th St.

Historical Notes

 The first settlement in the Brandon area was called Grand Valley, but was not near here at all. It was, in fact, about 2 miles east of Brandon. There is an historically significant site however on the hillside near the water slides. It is known as the Stott Site, and was the location of a buffalo pound killing site. Archeologists examined the location in the late forties and early fifties. The park area on the north slope of the valley does have a self-guided trail and a cairn noting the history.

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